Friday, 29 June 2012

Study happily

How to be active while studying


In this modern world students are striving hard to expose their talent.They feel that they should be ranked among the top.This would automatically make them study continuosly.But they were facing several problems while studying.Most of the students feel sleepy.Some could not concentrate. This does not mean that they were not interested in studies.But it is because of tiredness and laziness.Most students would love to study in the morning, while some others would love to study in the night.Some students will study everytime.The adverse effect is for those who study all the time.These students have their only aim to achieve more.So they never waste even a minute.

Relax well and study well

But in the cycological point of view our mind is like an engine in the industry.An engine needs oil for smoother functioning.Likewise human beings are also a machine.They need enough food and water and a fresh mind for their active survival in this world.But if you continue to study without relaxing you would get affected mentally. When we study continuosly without relaxing we could not even remember what we have studied.Then what is the use of studying continuosly.So you should plan well and act accordingly to suceed.You must spend few hours for play and few hours for relaxation.

Human beings-the living engines in our world

When an engine runs throughout the day it would get heated.Likewise when we study throughout the day,we will have to spend more energy.If there is no electricity the engine cannot run.Similarly if there is no energy we could not be active and this will make us sleepy while we are studying.So it is essential to have your meals on time. You may wonder what was the relation between food and study.Energy is essential for us to be more active.Do you wonder how we get energy.We get energy from the food we eat.The food we eat should be more nutritious.A nutritious meal can make you to be active for more time.

Sleep-a gift for man

There are medicines to make us sleep,but still there are no medicine to prevent our sleep.If there was such a medicine i advise you not to use it.Better you can perform well by sleeping well. You must spend a specific time for study and there must be a small time to play as well as for other entertainments. In my view a good sleep is one of the wonderful blessings of God.Most of the people would say that if you sleep more you could be active more.I never agree this fact .My opinion was that if you sleep more you would become more lazy.Sleep as per your wish.But you should not sleep more than ten hours.

Some ideas to be active

If you want to be more active while studying,follow these tips

  • Go to bed before 11
  • Have a peaceful dreamless sleep.
  • Wake up at 5
  • Refresh yourself
  • Plan your activities on that day
  • Have a meditation
  • Drink more water
  • Eat at proper time
  • Don't eat too much food before studying(it will make you sleep)
  • If you follow these surely you will be active throughout the day. You could grasp things faster than you ever did.Your sleep time should be from a minimum of 6 hours to a maximum of 8 hours.

    Important ideas to prevent sleep while studying

    In case you felt sleepy even after following this there are some other ideas.

  • Keep your mind free before going to study.
  • Continue zipping water from water bottle at an interval of 15 minutes.This will be very helpful to prevent us from sleep.
  • Take a ballon and blow it as and when you feel sleepy.
  • Keep a wet cloth with you and apply on your eyes as and when you feel sleepy.
  • Keep your fingers before your eyes and have a keen watch at it.
  • You can also have a small chat with your friends or parents about topics related to your subject.
  • But don't discuss other matters and stories.It will affect your concentration.
  • These are some noteworthy tips which one could do to chase your sleep away and to be active always.These will give some stress to your brain through your eyes and thus prevents you from sleep.

    How to concentrate more

    There are also some more tips to increase your concentration. They are

  • You should see anything with a different view.
  • you should increase your eagerness to know more about new things.
  • Don't think of unnecessary things or any problems while studying.
  • While studying if you felt bored,immediately close that topic or subject.
  • Now you should study your interesting topic or subject.
  • By these ways you can avoid lack of concentration while you are studying.This in turn will fetch better results in your exams


    These are some techniques to be active while studying.You should be active during your study .This can help you to learn everything clearly.If you study anything by concentrating actively it will last forever.I kindly advise the students to follow these tips and suceed in their career.The students who follow these can find them more concentrated towards their studies than they ever did.All the bestfor your bright career.

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